The Anoor EZReach Platform converts textual information from government orders and Media Bulletins into easy-to-understand, multimedia content with voice, animation and relevant images. The content is translated (with voice) into regional languages for greater reach.
The Anoor EZReach Platform can be a powerful tool for the Government to communicate critical information to the public and also track the reach in real-time.

Market Opportunities – Government


There is a huge market for sending alerts on natural disasters like cyclone, earthquakes and floods.Similarly there is a substantial requirement for informing /alerting on any important developments like COVID.

Interactive Communication

Government Departments like Corporation, Water and Sewerage Board and Electricity must regularly communicate with their users on repeat activities like billing, information regarding emergencies due to shutdowns or repairs etc.

Special Announcements

Important messages which need to be communicated by the Heads of Department to the people on important occasions. The present sources of such information are TV channels & Newspapers. This gap needs to be urgently filled through multilingual multimedia delivered to mobile phones.