Key People – Vishi Viswanath (Co-Founder)

• Over 30 years in the Information Technology Sector
• Principal Founder of Intellisys Technology LLC.
• Achievements Include
• Pioneering processes to improve efficiency and remove dependency on individuals in large projects. This bagged him an award from the British Computer Society.
• Automating over 95% of migration tasks in re-engineering and conversion projects.
• Building cutting-edge applications from scratch for pharma, real estate, fintech and hospitality industries.

Key People – Srinivasan Varadarajan (Chief Technical Officer)

More than 20 years of leadership propelling world-class high-technology product and project development organizations to increased competitive advantage and vigorous sales, profits, and shareholder gains by leveraging innovation and maximizing quality and performance.
• Founder of RedOctane (An Activision Company) and Pixel Druids Studios.
• Architecting, Managing and ideating platforms and solutions for Education , BFSI , Healthcare,Manufacturing, Gaming , Animation and IT Verticals
• Achievements include
• Creating and Development of Award Winning Multi Billion Dollar Game – Guitar Hero
• FICCI Award Winner
• Development of Childcarers Platform for Australia

Key People – Aditya Krishnakumar (Chief Operating Officer)

• More than 10 years experience in Project Management & Business Development
• Experience in identifying new markets&clients across multiple industries ranging from BFSI to Manufacturing
• -Worked with cross functional teams in both USA & India
• -Coordinating critical project activities across / within respective departments
• -Evaluation of test markets, new product acceptance & product performance in the market
• -Former executive assistant to the Lead Director of The Murugappa Group.

Aswin Kumar Sama (Chief Marketing Officer)

• Resourceful Leader Offering history of Coodinaring and Monitoring Operations across various industries and entrepreneur experience.
• Effective Leader and problem solver dedicated to streamlining operations to decrease costs and promote organizational efficiency.
• Highly committed with the insightful mentality to maintain quality of services and products